# Track name
1 Illusions
2 Rage
3 New Element
4 Insanity
5 Neurotic Wizard
6 Distorted Perception
7 Reincarnation
8 Requiem

boomcd035 – Tesla Principle – Illusions

Stefan Stefanovski aka Tesla Principle, was born in 1989, in the small city of Krusevac in Serbia. In 2007 he attended a big trance party for the first time. He then moved on to producing psy-trance and left his punk guitar behind.

In the year 2012 he started working intensively on his project Tesla Principle. The EP called “Morning After” was his first release, on Goa Records in 2013. One year later, he released his full length solo album “Forbidden Knowledge” on Geomagnetic, which reached the Psyshop top 10 charts.

In the middle of creating “Forbidden Knowledge” Stefan realised he needed to make some changes to his life. Stefan and his girlfriend Tamara decided to move to Novi Sad. This was a new beginning for both them and Tesla Principle. It turned out to be a wise decision indeed, and so he dedicated the year 2015 to finalising his second solo album, “Illusions”.

“Illusions” contains Tesla Principle’s new sound. It’s a lot harsher than before, with leads sounding creepy and funny at the same time. Groovy basslines accompanied by truely psychedelic atmospheres will make you dance and see smiling faces all over the dancefloor!

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